Action Management Set up your organisation reporting structure(s) and then allocated actions will escalate if not closed out.  read more »
Information control (DMS) Offline documentation (word files etc) stored with meta data and all access and modifications tracked.  CMS pages with free text and generated material from your organisation's records.  read more »
Risk Registers Dynamically generated information and guidance on the status of the controls in place to address these risks.  read more »
Plant Dossiers Improved access to key component / product information and reminders / follow up sent to End Users Trackable view history of documents confirms that End Users have reviewed the required material.  read more »
Compliance Solution All the active clauses of all the statute, country and company standards linked to the controls you have in place to manage your risks.  Auditable compliance at the press of a button!  read more »
Safety & Environmental Management System Information out - policies, management plans and procedures.  Data captured - on line and off line forms plus evidence based closure of actions.  read more »