Plant Safety Files / Verification Dossiers

Safety Files or Equipment Verification Dossiers can be readily shown for:
  • The whole project – aligned with the “Safety Case” or similar, SQRA’s conducted by Corporate etc; and
  • Individual equipment – with data made available on components and methods of use and / or maintenance
This includes recording of industry alerts and actions taken to review the findings (to see if applicable to your site) and any additional corrective actions to ensure incidents of that nature will not occur at this project.
More information can be stored and linked in meaningful ways for your organisation.
This involves:
  • Giving information (documents / images / actions / work order) more context by linking these to plant items or components
  • Developing process maps that allow for image / point and click access to information on components, parts and ordering information to be just “one click away”, and
  • Introducing a level of “dynamism” to the plant dossier – so that changes of components or incidents are reflected in the validation section.